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Sally’s Private Sessions create a caring, supportive environment for the student to awaken to deep restorative relaxation and healing. Your Session is crafted around helping gently open your body, bring awareness to the breath, connect mind and body and experience deep relaxation in order to facilitate healing.

The Sessions given at Restorative Yoga are an eclectic blend of traditional yoga and restorative yoga poses (asanas) and breath work (pranayama) promoting stretching, strengthening, opening and releasing through the entire body. Attention and respect is given to each individual student’s physicality, mental state and emotional needs.

A Private Session with Sally is a step away from the rush of life. They are a meditative flow, from guided relaxation, to warm-up and flow, back to rest in final relaxation. Where needed Sally will direct and support you with the additional use of blocks, bolsters and blankets. This adding to the comfort and ease during your session.

The Relaxation Response
Dr Herbert Benson has pioneered a 30-year study on stress reduction at the Benson-Henry Institute for Mind Body Medicine at Massachusetts General Hospital.

Dr Benson’s studies show that the Relaxation Response:-
• Decreases metabolism
• Slows heart rate
• Slows breathing
• Relaxes muscles
• Decreases blood pressure.

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