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    P.O.Box 1151 Woollahra Sydney NSW 1350, Australia


Looking for greater balance and harmony in your life.

Sally gives fully-tailored, private one-to-one yoga sessions for your needs.

Most come to these one-to-one Sessions, looking for greater ease and balance in their lives. This is quite a challenge in these times, but possible.

Sally will introduce you into understanding your body mind connection with slow deep stretching and strengthening yoga postures (asanas), facilitating a slow deep opening and releasing throughout your body mind. By focusing inward Sally will guide you in a meditative flow, connecting mind and body with breath work (pranayama) to create greater awareness physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Connecting our mind and body is a true skill. A deep focus and connection is found resulting in greater inner and outer awareness with clarity; intellectually and intuitively. Creating a harmonious energetic ebb and flow of balance.

With patience and persistence this foundation of body mind connection becomes a life skill with many health and wellness benefits extending beyond your yoga practice.

Sally will guide you through your own transformation creating lifestyle choices and changes for better health and wellbeing. These Sessions are given with consideration to your whole multi-dimensional body and with Sally’s understanding of ‘Energy Psychology’, the new science of Epigenetics.


“Life is a healing journey to find the True Self”
Sally – “Wisdom House”. 2001


The venue is

The Studio, 43 Newcastle Street, Rose Bay, Sydney Australia.

All equipment is provided for and all levels of practice are catered for.

Please ensure you avoid heavy meals for at least two hours prior to the Session.

Please inquire with Sally Belmont on +61 409 017 020 or email:info@restorativeyoga.com.au
Private Sessions are $145 per 75 mins.
All Private Sessions are by appointment only.