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Mudita Meditations

Sally incorporates the art of meditation into her Private Sessions.

She will introduce you to understanding the process of mindfulness and meditation, to enhance your personal yoga meditation practice and incorporate this also into your everyday life for better health and wellbeing.

Sally has been an avid follower of the Buddhist Monk Thich Nhat Hanh since her introduction to his meditation practices from her certifying yoga teacher Lex Gillan in 2001.

Sally also respects the meditation practices of Pema Chodron and Sharon Salzberg.
Please refer to the Resources Booklist for recommended reading.

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“To learn to meditate is to look into our lives with interest and kindness and discover how to be wakeful and free. We have so many ideas and beliefs in ourselves. We tell ourselves stories about what we want and who we are, smart or kind. Often these are the unexamined and limited ideas of others that we have internalised and then gone on to live out. To meditate is to discover new possibilities, to awaken the capacity that each of us has to live more wisely, more lovingly, more compassionately, more fully.”
~ Jack Kornfield

Please inquire with Sally Belmont on +61 409 017 020 or email:info@restorativeyoga.com.au | Meditation is available in private sessions and courses.
The venue is: The Studio, 43 Newcastle Street , Rose Bay, Sydney Australia | See article on Restorative Yoga: ‘Starving for Savasana’.